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With careful consideration for the #Hamlin family, I'm reposting my post from three months ago about the #NFL and #AdvanceCarePlanning, not even considering that it could happen to a player.

Please take the time to read and listen. As an end-of-life doula, my specialty is #advancecareplanning and #advancedirective. I often say planning for a #medical#emergency during a medical emergency is a medical crisis. We can be surprised at anytime, but we can also be prepared if the time comes.

I pray for #damarhamlin and his family and ask you to do so.

Please take a look at the video.

Now that football season has begun, and since my team is the #PittsburgSteelers, I thought I would share this intriguing article about the relationship between #AdvanceCarePlanning and #NFL. Would your advance directive be honored if you had a #medicalemergency at a football game?

As the holidays are approaching and we travel to various locations to celebrate, will the clinical team know what you want if you cannot speak for yourself? 🤔

Do you know your state requirements for honoring your medical wishes if you cannot speak for yourself? Do you know the requirements for the state you are traveling to?

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