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Pajamas in the New Year 2021

You know, for the past two weeks, my mind, body and spirit needed a rest. As I sought divine inspirations to move me forward into the excitement of starting the New Year of 2021 with all its positive expectations, I experienced silence. Nothing!

Since the dramatic changes we all adapted to because of the Coronavirus, a.k.a COVID-19, I have worked remotely every weekday morning. In addition to adapting to this new routine, I have been organizing, cleaning, bulk shopping, washing my hands, wearing a mask, staying away from people I love, and picking up curbside orders; Oh! Did I mention my weekend schedule? As the holidays approached, I kept my promise to myself to stay in bed past 10:00 a.m., watch my favorite cartoon, Flinstones Christmas Carol, and keep my pajamas(pjs) on until noon.

#COVID-19 has successfully wreaked havoc globally, causing the human elements, our mind, body, and spirit, to fight perpetually for their survival. #Death accompanied COVID-19, and many of us lost loved ones. The #NewYear2021 ball dropped as it always does and the countdown began; many were excited about starting a fresh New Year, leaving 2020 behind with all its destruction, misery, and not looking back. Yay, but those who lost their loved ones will look back. In 2021, they will remember the first significant dates without their loved ones, and if there is a celebration, it will be different. In our celebration and gratefulness for a New Year, let us be mindful that grief and death is experienced by someone every day of the year. Let us offer healing and comfort to those who may not be quite ready to celebrate the dawning of a new day, let alone a new year.

As an #endoflifedoula, I invite you to sleep late at least once a month, stay in your pj's late at least one day of the month, let your mind, body, and spirit heal from the tremendous losses of 2020. Take a deep breath and appreciate the fact that you can breathe. Allow your mind, body, and spirit to experience the stillness. Now I realize my divine inspiration is to share this message with you. I accept this quiet time to restore, refresh, and heal myself to move into the New Year of 2021 with thanksgiving and positive expectations.

Happy New Year.

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