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Why Now? Why Not Now?

As I sat on Sunday evening and listened to the quietness in my home, I thought about the well-known term "Aging in Place." Words often associated with aging adults' desire to stay at home as long as they are able. I pondered, as I go into another week of working, time passing by unaffected by our crises. The fact is we are all aging in place, whether we desire it or not. My profession and personal choice often involve me being with people who are 10 to 40 years older, and I love the interaction. As an #AdvanceCarePlanningTrainer and #EndofLifeDoula, I see lives ending surrounded by #fear, chaos, and confusion instead of peace, stillness, and a state of quietness. Do you really want peace of mind? Have a meaningful #conversation with people who are important to you about what's important to you if you become unable to make medical decisions for yourself. Start the conversation today, and continue it in the weeks to come. It's not a one-stop conversation. It's an ongoing process. Here's a video (4min) to help you start the conversation. If you need additional help navigating through the process, see my services on my website, #DoulabyDestiny. Namaste

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