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Let's get it started. 2019 New Year Goal

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What can we learn from dying? Dying teaches you how to prioritize living. Yes, that’s right living. When I first heard a similar statement, I had a difficult time wrapping this around my brain. Nearly 100% of Americans believe having end of life discussions are necessary, but complicated. The discussion can be emotionally draining which is why about 30% of Americans actually have the conversation. I “reckon” the mindset of having the difficult conversation is entangled with fear, but having continuous conversations have granted me the freedom to live without fear of dying. I know, I know, the unknown part is scary; what’s the next destination? However, when you think about it, what’s the next moment, the next hour, the next day, the next year? Do we really want to live that way? I ask are we really living, if we are living each moment in fear? As my grandmother would say, I'm just asking”?

I ask you to read the article and start with tip #1, breathe then start tip #2. Set it as a New Year’s goal with a completion date by Mother’s Day. This goal allows plenty of time to have five monthly conversations to finish the five tips.

Let me know if you hit your goal.

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