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Nature's lessons

Learning from nature: As an end of life Doula, it’s natural for me to be intrigued by the lessons of life and death that nature teaches us. On my 2-hour walks, I allow my senses to awaken to all that nature offers, an unconventional outdoor classroom approach, but nevertheless. What can you learn from the pictures? Do you see the thin line between what’s living and dying? Do you see mushrooms living inside a dead tree? Do you see the dead leaves laying upon the fresh bed of green grass? Do you see water sustaining what appears to be a dead tree? As winter succumbs to spring take the time to observe the natural course of the lifecycle and understand that living and dying is a natural process for all living organisms. On your next outing step into the classroom of nature; senses open and learn the lesson that nature teaches about life and death. No worries. No pop quiz to measure your learning curve. You are guaranteed to pass with an "A." #nature#nature #dying#dying #living#living #death#death #aging#aging #endoflife#endoflife #doula#doula #life#life

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