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Meet the End of Life Doula

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Unlike the United Kingdom (UK), End of Life Doulas are met with skepticism in America. As our world continues to age globally, the need for all hands on deck is critical in providing quality healthcare. As we scramble for better ways to serve the growing aging population, embracing the contributions from holistic approaches make it possible. The emerging End of Life Doula movement is growing in the United States for the same reasons it is in the UK: the shortage of caregivers, physicians, geriatricians, the aging population demands about their healthcare preferences, declining nursing homes, to list a few.

The doulas' role has existed for centuries. Healthcare professionals are skeptical of the end of life doulas' role within the context of serving dying patients. We are capable of handling our emotions and gifted with supporting the emotions of others as they journey to the end of life. Embrace our profession as independent contractors and volunteers. We make a difference in people's lives. Supporting each other in our various professions, whether traditional or not, to ensure a safe and healthy environment is necessary. By combining the specialties within each team, we find hidden treasures of knowledge, experiences, opportunities and new possibilities to better serve and support our aging communities. We are valued in the UK: Read on!

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